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Games are one of the most engaging and entertaining media but also one of the biggest parenting challenges today. We’ve all had to worry about what our children spend their time on - is it age appropriate, who are they playing with and is it affecting their grades. That’s why we bundled some of the best games in the world into a package that is safe and educational but just as engaging as before.

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Tools for 21st century parenting

Games can pose a challenge to parents. Children can be so engaged that you might sometimes feel like an outsider. How can you be a part of it? We’ve made it simple: select the topics you want your children to encounter as they play, track their progress through a dedicated app where their gameplay is mapped to the curriculum and see the results.

Beyond simple educational games

As game developers, we know making good games isn’t easy. That’s why we vetted some of the biggest game studios and collected the games that actually benefit their players. The games in our portfolio cover science topics from electromagnetism to astrophysics and contain hundreds of hours of gameplay.


physics and chemistry
biology and geography
english, reading and languages
civics and Economy
mathematics and computer science
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Let Your Child Play

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Trusted by thousands of teachers

Games aren’t just a hot topic at homes - teachers encounter them just as much. We at TeacherGaming have been helping teachers in 80 different countries to harness games into a useful tool into a classroom and we’re trusted by thousands of schools around the world. Now, we’re delighted to bring those same tools to homes as well.

World-class quality made affordable

We at TeacherGaming believe games can change the world: the future astronauts, engineers and scientists might find the spark for their career playing games. One of the cornerstones of our mission is to enable that for everyone. Part of that is making the games affordable. Instead of buying games separately, we’ve bundled them into an affordable, monthly subscription.